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To: Austin, TX Store Number 15672

Tell Walgreens: No Weaselling Out!: Austin, TX Store Number 15672

Walgreens has said that it will not dispense or mail prescriptions for abortion pills in states where they *may* get pressure from Republican extremists. Read that again: not where abortion is illegal, just where they may get Republican pushback.

Why is this important?

The GOP is controlling private businesses and using them to control our bodies. This is part of a game plan, but we won’t play by their rules. We are coming for what they are trying their hardest to protect: profits and power.

**We are calling for a nationwide boycott of all Walgreens locations to protest this cowardly decision and fight for medication abortion access.**

We urge Walgreens to rethink this policy. Until they do, we will be taking our prescriptions and our business elsewhere. #BoycottWalgreens

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